Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Pregnancy is a time of joy. With expert help and guidance you can feel relaxed and confident about the forthcoming delivery.

Dr. Koster heads our team providing a comprehensive service for women’s and family health, particularly fertility issues and wellbeing during pregnancy and labor.

Every woman dreams of having children but some need a little extra help conceiving. Dr. Koster’s immense experience has assisted many women to successful conception, utilizing advanced procedures to identify the problem and a range of solutions such as ovulation stimulation to achieve optimum fertility.

Ovulation induction/stimulation, using hormonal treatments to stimulate egg release, increasing the chance of successful pregnancy
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) management & treatment
Cycle monitoring (follicle measurements by ultrasound).
Endometrial thickness.
Pelvic scans.
Sonohysterosalpingogram (for identifying blocked fallopian tubes).
Fertility Assessment Package – A comprehensive scientific analysis of your fertility, for both husband and wife individually or as a couple, including blood tests for hormone levels, egg reserve assessment, ultrasound scans and semen analysis.
For patients undergoing IVF treatment abroad, we offer a convenient local ovulation induction procedure, minimizing the time spent abroad.
The Koster Clinic also has excellent relationships with IVF clinics in many countries, to help you achieve minimum disruption to your treatment when travelling.

Labor and Delivery
We understand the importance for mothers-to-be of choosing the delivery method that suits them best. Whichever method you opt for you can relax, safe in the knowledge that Dr. Koster and her team have vast experience of childbirth, as thousands of healthy, happy babies and mothers will confirm.

Natural childbirth.
Planned caesarean-section for medical reasons
Planned caesarean-section by mothers choice

Hysteroscopy/ removal of endometrial polyps .
Dilation & Curettage
Contraception , inclusive of insertion of IUCD
G-Shot, for improved sexual stimulation.
Pap smears
HPV testing
LETZ procedures – an advanced and very safe method for treating cervical dysplasia. We can offer a comprehensive package including financing options.
Discrete and confidential STD testing
Blood tests, including hormone levels
Planned caesarean-section by mothers choice

Incontinence Treatment

Other Treatments
See our Acupuncture and Complementary health techniques below for help with the discomfort pregnancy sometimes brings, and our Psychotherapy services for help dealing with the psychological conditions that occasionally accompany pregnancy.
Dr. Gertrud Koster

Dr. Gertrud Koster

Specialist Obstetrics & Gynaecology / Medical Director