What is Urology?


Urology (derived from the Greek term ouron for “urine”) is a branch of medicine that deals with the basics, diagnosis and therapy of diseases of the urine-forming and urinarl organs (kidneys, ureter, bladder, urethra) as well as the adrenal glands in men and women and the genital organs of men (testicles, epididymides, seminal vesicles and seminal ducts, penis and prostate). Andrology – as a branch of urology – deals with the reproductive and sexual functions of men and their disorders.

The Urology Department of Koster Clinic offers the entire spectrum of clinical urology and andrology with high level medical expertise and  provide high quality state of  the art non-surgical and surgical treatments of urological conditions //or better: diseases? // for men and women of all ages. Our treatment spectrum also includes proctological diagnosis and treatment of anal and rectal  diseases as well.

    • Prof. Jörg Schüller is a renowned experience Germany Consultant in Urology. Prof. Schuller has over 35 years experience in General Urology, Andrology and Proctology.