What is metabolic coaching?

You might have noticed that some people try to lose weight but no matter what they do, they can’t seem to shake off the excess kilos. Diet and exercise don’t work, but why? The answer lies in their metabolism.

What is the Metabolism?

Metabolism is a term that is used to describe all chemical reactions involved in maintaining the living state of the cells and the organism. Metabolism is closely linked to nutrition and the availability of nutrients.

As human beings we generate life within our bodies by creating energy from the food we eat and the oxygen we breathe. The more effectively our bodies can burn this food and oxygen, the healthier we will be, and the easier it will be for us to maintain optimal weight. We have three sources of fuel for our body: protein, carbohydrates and fat. Protein is constant whereas carbohydrates and fat are variable. If a person’s metabolism is burning the fat then that person will lose weight, however, if a disproportionate amount of carbohydrates are burnt then consequently that person will find it extremely hard to shed off the weight and indeed to maintain optimal body weight. So, how do we know what source of fuel our body is using?

How does it work?

In the same way that the emissions of a car tell us about the state of the car’s engine, if we analyse the breath emissions of a person we can determine what is happening within the body and in what percentages.

In order to do this a group of German scientists has developed a simple, non invasive breath test called the e-scan.

What is the e-scan?

Until recently most breath tests were done while the person was under exertion. The e-scan however measures a person’s breath while they are resting because let’s face it, that is how we spend most of our time. Unlike athletes, who practice sports for long hours every day, most people spend the majority of their day at rest and it is in this condition that we are burning fuel. Here the ratios between the various gasses emitted are not constantly changing as during sport.

In a comfortable sitting position, the person being tested simply has to breathe in and out in a relaxed manner through a mouthpiece for a couple of minutes. Each individual breath will then be measured and special software will evaluate the data from the e-scan measurement and produce a detailed report of the individual metabolism of each person.

The results will look something like this:

Your doctor, or metabolic coach, will then go through the results with you and suggest an exercise and nutritional plan which will help to regulate your metabolism and bring it back to work optimally. Depending on your results you will receive guidelines as to how long and what type of physical activity will help you get your metabolism back on track. If you are also looking to lose weight, together you will set the target and your doctor will give you the diet best suited to your body.

How long will it take?

For the first consultation please allow about one hour. You will first be asked to fill out a brief form with some personal information including your height and age, next you will step on some scales where various parameters will be measured (weight, BMI, visceral fat, muscle fat …).After this you will take the e-scan, which takes 2 to 3 minutes. Once the results are ready the metabolic coach will sit with you to go over all of the information and answer any questions you might have.

Depending on your individual results and target, you will need to see the metabolic coach another 2 or 3 times over a period of time to make sure that your metabolism is improving as it should.

How much does it cost?

The consultation with the doctor is billed under your regular insurance in the same way that an appointment with your family doctor would be. The e-scan is billed separately at a price that is affordable to all.

Where can I find Metabolic Coaching in the UAE?

Since it is a new method, developed by scientists and doctors in Germany in recent years, Metabolic Coaching for weight loss is new to the UAE market. Currently the Metabolic Coaching programme is available in Dubai.

Consultations are available in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

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